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One-stop transport services in Auckland, for cargo big or small

The logistics of getting your haulage from one place to the other can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Saving you time and money, the team from Storage & 
Distribution Specialists offers a full range of transport services in Auckland. Whether you need delivery or storage, we'll get your goods where they need to be before 
you know it.

Pick Up

To ensure reliable transport services, we have a comprehensive fleet of modern heavy vehicles, which can handle all requirements. No matter where you are in Auckland we can provide:

     Pick up from a wharf or port:
       Container pick up from the port upon arrival
       LCL consignment for pick up
      MAF approved facilities, to ensure a smooth inspection process

   Pickup from your business:
      Transport can be arranged the next day, typically

   • Drop off at your business:
      Cargo can be dropped off directly to your business premises or to your                       customers, as required

   • Drop off at our warehousing facility:
      Save money and space by storing your goods at our 5,500 sqm warehousing           facility, until you need it


Providing a range of transport services in Auckland for many years, we understand that each customer has different requirements. We are happy to discuss any additional services required, over and above what we already provide. We offer solutions for your packaging needs including:

      Package products straight from container for storage and protection
      Packing, packaging facilities
      Maintained fork hoists

   Palleted and wrapped:
      Your goods can be placed on pallets and shrink wrap upon arrival
      Goods can be stored in our computer controlled rack storage warehouse, until         required or can be sent straight to your premises

    Specialised packaging:
      For specialised packaging requirements we can use packaging you have                 supplied or source the appropriate packaging to suit your requirements.
      Goods can be stored in our computer controlled rack storage warehouse, until 
      required or can be sent straight to your premises


At our expansive depot complexes in Auckland, we offer storage and distribution facilities. They are strategically positioned to maximise proximity to ports and central business districts. As part of transport services we offer:

   • Storage facilities:
      5,500 sqm warehousing
      Centralised facilities, offering easy access in, around and out of Auckland
      Computer controlled warehousing - first in, first out
      MAF approved facilities
      Racked storage systems

    Security and safety:
      24 hour monitored alarm and security patrol
      Pest control program
      Fire alarm monitored

      Raw material control for manufacturers
      Stock reports, keeping you informed
      Rapid dispatch of goods


We have a 10 year history, built on providing stress-free transport services. Ensuring our customers are kept informed every step of the way, we cater for all your transport needs in Auckland and provide:

   • Services:
      Deliveries nationwide
      Modern transport fleet

     Fast delivery direct to your business:
      Delivery within 24 hours around Auckland

    Direct to consumer:
      For marketing organisations with limited storage capacity, we can pick up your         goods and send them directly to your customer

     Just in time:
      Goods can be delivered within an hour to any location throughout Auckland, by       special arrangement
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